My website is all about ciphers and solving them with a computer. There are three themes, and you can navigate within them or go anywhere in the site by using the Site Map

Python Tutorial

Many people have a computer but are not getting full value from it because they are unaware of how to write programs. For them I have written this tutorial.  

In the teaching I am going to use examples drawn from the interesting world of ciphers, though the programming methods learned will be equally applicable to any application.

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Computer Solving

This theme covers algorithms and solving programs that you can implement on my site.

 A major focus is on the Churn algorithm, the most effective for solving Classical ciphers.

You may also like to read about how to program in javascript.

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Interesting Ciphers

Read about interesting ciphers that I have researched.

Rasterschluessel 44 -- the epitome of hand field ciphers

Chaocipher -- that kept its secret for ninety years

Floradora -- believed to be impregnable by the Germans but broken by the Allies.

Also have a look at my Latin Square cipher with a program you can run.