Automatic Solver

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The automatic solver draws upon a collection of rules in order to solve the board and suggest a hint. To request the solver for a hint, do one of the following:

 click the mouse on the "Start Solver" button, OR

 press F7, OR

 from the Guess menu click Start Solver

images\fath0002.gifFor more information, position the cursor over any portion of the board below and click the left button.


The following are rules used by the solver when analyzing a board:


Rest of row/column is water

Rest of row/column is ship segments

Fill in ship segments around a ship segment

Unbounded ship found in row/column

Ship positions found

Common ship segments found

End ship segment has an adjacent anypiece

End squares are ship segments

All submarines are accounted for

Last submarine can be found at row/column intersection


Square must be a ship segment

Square must be water

Too many ship segments in row/column

Not enough free squares

Ship is too large

Too many ships of specific type

No places left to place specific ship

Middle segment is flanked by adjacent water squares


Final board position